MBA Vs MSc The Real Difference

MBA are for professionals who have few years of managerial work experience because practical aspects and situations are the core of an MBA. MBA is standard in business education.  The MBA course curriculum exposes student to a wide range of management disciplines, and provides a way of rational thought about management and a career in that specific area. A student can pursue its MBA in a specialized field for example Finance, HR, Marketing, International Business etc.

Therefore the first stage of MBA curriculum is same for all the student which includes mandatory modules and the next stage is the elective stage where the student can choose its specialization followed by internship/ project at the end.

Masters of Science (MSc.) is specialized training in a specific discipline. For example, if a student wishes to pursue a career in financial sector, MSc. curriculum provides more course work in that area.

To pursue an MSc. in a specific field generally the student needs to have a Bachelors degree in that same specific field because MSc. is more advanced and specialized course in the specific field.  MSc. is ideal for a student who does not have work experience as it’s a combination of theory and practice and is more academic in nature.

Therefore in all the stages of MSc. curriculum the focus would be on a specific discipline thereby making you expert in one specific field.

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