UCAS Undergraduate Admission

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service  is (UCAS) a centralised process which takes care of the student application and send application to the student chosen institutions. A student can apply to five universities in UCAS process. Once the application is send to respective universities for the courses applied, each institution consider the application and inform  UCAS of their decision, whether they make an offer of a place to the student.


There can be two offers from the respective university. If the student has fulfilled the entrance qualifications/requirements  required for the course, the offer may be unconditional and if the student still needs to pass the entrance requirements , any offer received may be conditional on passing those papers with specified grades. The official offer letter is sent by UCAS to the applicant.


ADMISSION TIMES specializes in UCAS process as its an exhaustive process and the student can be assured of the services offered by us. The counselors are trained at the process to make your UCAS application accurate and free of errors as any wrong information in UCAS can delay the admission or application can be rejected. Therefore ,ADMISSION TIMES expert counselors give detail attention to each application in order to make a successful UCAS application for the student.


UCAS Comprehensive Process


  • Pre Application Research
  • Course Codes
  • Institution Codes
  • Entry Profiles
  • Registration Process
  • UCAS Application Fees
  • Scores Input
  • Personal Statements
  • References Input
  • Offers
  • Acceptance/Declining Offers
  • Extra – Process to apply to additional universities
  • Clearing- Applicants who have not managed to secure a place
  • Final Offer
  • UCAS Application Deadline

    Students from outside the European Union can apply between 1 September of the year before that in which the course will begin and 30 June the following year, unless the applicant is applying for:


    Oxford and Cambridgeand courses in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science or medicine, for which all students must apply to UCAS by 15 October of the year


    It is advisable to apply well  before 30 June of the year in which the course starts  particularly for popular courses, which might fill places with applicants applying early.